Vehicle Use Travel Insurance (Bus, Truck, Coaster)

  • The use of vehicles (Bus, Trucks, Coasters) is for UPSI citizens (staff & students) only, which is as stated in the Vehicle Permit. Applicants need to attach the vehicle application along with a list of names and ID card numbers / passport numbers (non-citizens) for the purpose of applying for travel insurance coverage.
  • The insurance payment must be cleared no later than 2 days before the travel date or the application is considered incomplete and can be rejected.
  • The rate of travel insurance (Plan A) using UPSI vehicles (buses, lorries, coasters) from among non-UPSI citizens is as follows:

Calculation example: A + B + C
Duration of vehicle use: 2 days
Number of passengers (Non UPSI Citizens): 5 people
A – Count: RM 3.00 per person x 5 people = RM 15.00
B – Sales Services Tax (SST) = 6% (RM15.00 x 6% = RM0.90
C – Stamp Duty = RM10.00
Total : RM 15.00 + RM0.90 + RM 10.00 = RM25.90

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